CZU position in relation to cooperation with universities in Russia and Belarus

The aggressive invasion of foreign armies into the independent territory of Ukraine led CZU on 28th February 2022 to a decision to stop cooperation with universities in the Russian Federation and later in Belarus. This decision concerns all cooperation that presupposed the use of CZU resources.

Material donation for Ukraina

Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague organizes a material collection for Ukrainian families, especially for mothers with children who live in CZU accommodation facilities or other places in the Czech Republic. Medical supplies will significantly help in Ukrainian hospitals.

Events in Ukraine - CZU procedure. Information from Rector for students and employees

Dear colleagues, dear students,

CZU, by a unanimous decision of the Rector's College, condemned the Russian aggression immediately after the attack on Ukraine began. We immediately launched concrete and targeted assistance to Ukrainian students, their relatives, and loved ones.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is opening a CZU public fundraiser for Ukraine

Dear Colleagues, Dear Students, In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is opening a public fundraiser CZU for Ukraine to help Ukrainian citizens. The fundraiser account maintained with Česká spořitelna has the number 500 201 212/0800, variable symbol 997301.

CZU statement on the situation after the Russian army invaded the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine

The Czech University of Life Sciences is observing with concern the Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine. Therefore, recent events have led the leaders of CZU and its components to make this joint statement.

RESUME Summer School in Norway

The long-awaited RESUME Summer School in Norway could finally take place September 6-17, 2021.

Membership in the international Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance

The IEC has recently become a new member of an Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG)!

ACROSS Summer School on the National Park Schwarzwald

Towards social responsibility and sustainable development.

Summer school in the paradise

Lombok, Indonesia.

The courage to cross borders

The ACROSS Summer School in Wageningen.

Open Days at IEC

We invite you to Open Days at IEC which are to be held on 24th November 2017, 19th and 20th  January 2018 and 23rd March 2018.

Result of the Election of Representatives of Academic Staff and Students of IEC to the Academic Senate of the CZU Prague

The IEC Election Committee announces the result of the election of IEC representatives of academic staff and students to the Academic Senate of the CULS Prague.

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