RESUME Summer School in Norway

The long-awaited RESUME Summer School in Norway could finally take place September 6-17, 2021. Eight students from the Specialization in Education program became members of a 35-student community of Norwegian students and took part in a classroom in a non-traditional setting - the picturesque Jotunheimen National Park at Lake Gjende. The theme of the class focused on environmental education methods and innovations in teaching vocational subjects and practice - using various activation methods and experiential learning. The programme also included working in international teams on different eco topics and preparing team teaching. They were then able to try team teaching at the As Vocational College.

The participating students had the opportunity to visit both the campus of the partner university "Norwegian University of Life Sciences" in Oslo, as well as the environmental education facility (Farmers Union, Natur&Ungdom) and counselling centres in and around Oslo.

Students rated the visit to the As Vocational College as the most beneficial: they had the opportunity to experience a completely different approach in teaching and in the management of the whole school. The Norwegians are very attentive to the development of critical thinking, cooperation, independence, personal responsibility, and pupils’ intrinsic motivation to study. Teachers are guides and helpers in the educational process who pay a lot of attention to the development of so-called "sustainable" competences of pupils and their employability in the world of work.

Furthermore, students had the opportunity to network and compare student life at NMBU and CZU, including the social and cultural differences between the two countries. Norway cares a lot about sustainable development, social responsibility, and ecology. All this is reflected in the functioning of the state, support for various projects, and education.

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