Events in Ukraine - CZU procedure. Information from Rector for students and employees

Dear colleagues, dear students,

CZU, by a unanimous decision of the Rector's College, condemned the Russian aggression immediately after the attack on Ukraine began. We immediately launched concrete and targeted assistance to Ukrainian students, their relatives, and loved ones.

In the first moment, we have set aside over 150 beds in our dormitories, and we are working on freeing up additional bed capacity. We have set up a contact point for students who need help and those willing to help. We have established a fundraiser, which will be used primarily to provide for the basic living needs of the people affected by the war, who we will host here. The efficiency of using funds will be controlled by the CZU management and the Economic Commission of the CZU Academic Senate. We also provide psychological assistance for our students and the expected war refugees; we plan to include students and academics from Ukraine in our study programs and research projects. On your behalf, we take these and several other necessary steps.

In addition, the Crisis Committee is also addressing preventive security issues, taking into account various scenarios for further development, in close cooperation with the state's security forces. At the same time, our university must continue teaching and other activities. We have successfully defended the covid pandemic, and we will certainly manage what awaits us in connection with the war just a few hundred kilometers from our borders.

Thank you to all who are helping or are about to help. I also thank you that, with a few primarily verbal exceptions, no one is abusing the current situation to escalate tensions within our international university community. I assure you that if we record such cases, we will act swiftly and uncompromisingly towards the perpetrators. I am glad that, despite the large numbers of Ukrainian and Russian students at our university, no one is trying to use collective guilt. We maintain a dignified and peaceful environment worthy of a university of our format.

Dear Colleagues, dear students,

Our lives have changed in one day, but our values have not. I am proud of the entire CZU that we are clearly on the side of the invaded sovereign country and ready to help those in need.

Prof. Ing. Petr Sklenička, CSc.


 Here are some useful contacts where our colleagues are ready to help you in various situations:

 For those who need help:


For those who want to help (volunteers, accommodation offers, etc.):

email: contact form HERE

For those who want to contribute financially to help Ukrainian friends:

Account No.: 500 201 212/0800; variable symbol 997301

For those who wish to report a dangerous action or situation:

tel.: +420 224 382 222; email:,

Suggestions for the CZU Crisis Committee:

tel.: +420 224 382 222; email:,


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