Tomáš Lukšík

Bc. Tomáš Lukšík
(in 2014 graduated from IEC bachelor degree in the field of study Guidance in vocational education, full-time form of study)


Why did you decide to study Guidance in vocational education at IEC CZU?
I felt that I could enjoy a pedagogically aimed field of study, but I did not want to become a teacher. Already during the first semester I was sure that my choice was right.

What was the benefit of this study for your professional life and use at the labour market? (Describe which competencies, knowledge and skills you have acquired)
Combination of topics from pedagogy (adult education), psychology, counselling, sociology and information technology gave me a broad perspective and created a good foundation for my professional development. I apply acquired competencies from these disciplines in my profession practically on a daily basis. I would like to highlight mainly communication skills, teaching, presentation skills and IT competencies.

Can you briefly describe your present employer?
I work at the Institute for public administration. The Institute is a state-funded organisation established by the Ministry of the Interior. Its main activities are education of the public administration employees pursuant to the Law Nr. 312/2002 Coll. On Officers of Local Government Units, in addition it provides training for employees of administrative offices and also training in the area of eGovernment. Besides compulsory education pursuant to the Law Nr. 312/2002 Coll. the institute offers a wide range of educational events for continuing/advanced training with a variety of themes (from administrative activities, through IT courses to soft skills courses).

What is your current position and job description?
My job position is called „pedagogical specialist“. Job description includes mainly such activities as creation, preparation, organisation and evaluation of educational events, creation and management of the study texts for a distance education, tutoring of eLearning courses, processing statistics from educational events.

What recommendation could you give to prospective IEC students of study programme Guidance in vocational education?
If you study at IEC the Positives will entirely prevail over the Negatives. Obviously, the problems during your study may occur; you will not enjoy each subject and not each essay will be easy for you. Neither all examinations you may pass successfully for the first time. However, be sure that the most of teachers will be able to help you in difficulties if you show at least a bit of effort and interest. I have my own, still very fresh, experience.

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