Dana Marxová

Bc. Dana Marxová
(in 2014 graduated from IEC bachelor degree in the field of study Guidance in vocational education, part-time form of study )

Why did you decide to study Guidance in vocational education at IEC CZU?
Because it corresponded to my professional specialization the most, IEC is situated near to my home and among the other things it has pleasant surroundings.

What was the benefit of this study for your professional life and use at the labour market? (Describe which competencies, knowledge and skills you have acquired)
I have extended the knowledge that before starting the bachelor degree study I gained in various courses and from experience of my life. I make use of knowledge acquired in subjects such as ICT lead by Ing. J. Husa, CSc., psychology taught by PhDr. M. Hanušová and also information gained in subject the basics of education of adults lectured by PhDr. J.Jirsáková, Ph.D. I also appreciated teaching of rhetorical skills. As I studied in part-time form of study, I could often combine experience from practice with information acquired at IEC. They were food for thought how far the practice is different from theory.

Can you briefly describe your present employer?
I have been working in the same company as before I started my study i.e. in a small consulting company MARX systems, Ltd. We engage in consultancy in quality systems management, environmental, occupational safety and management systems of energy treatment. We provide mainly administration and development of management systems directly at the customer either in form of one-time support or a long-term management of system. We provide training, counselling, consultancy and internal audits.

What is your current position and job description?
I am an employee and also managing director of the company. In addition to a daily business agenda I prepare materials for company training. Owing to my previous long-time experience I also work externally for certification company CQS as a senior auditor in quality management systems for health care and education section.

What recommendation could you give to prospective IEC students of study programme Guidance in vocational education?
I would tell them what they learn in school will certainly pay off. If not immediately, but during your life you will certainly find opportunity to examine knowledge acquired. Take each training as a challenge to work on yourself, adopt information, and discuss the important matters only. Do not worry about trivialities. Approach the life and learning with humidity. Students who decide to study at IEC will meet an excellent and professional team of teachers, who care about each student. And you will spend time in pleasant surroundings of Praha- Malá Chuchle.

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