Kateřina Pešková

Bc. Kateřina Pešková
(in 2014 graduated from IEC bachelor degree in the field of study Guidance in vocational education, part-time form of study


Why did you decide to study Guidance in vocational education at IEC CZU?
I wanted to get educated and broaden my horizons in the field of counselling, as I was engaged in this area.

What was the benefit of this study for your professional life and use at the labour market? (Describe which competencies, knowledge and skills you have acquired)
Studying allowed me to gain a theoretical platform in the field of counselling. I could immerse into contexts in this field and as I was trying to focus each of my essays on real topics in counselling, I prepared documents which I could use later during my working practice.

Can you briefly describe your present employer?
After graduating from IEC until the end of 2015 I had been working in the Further Education Fund at the Department of National System of Occupations, which manages a catalogue of job positions at the Czech labour market accessible for public. The National System of Occupations serves to employers, educators, career counsellors, job seakers and students as a valuable source of information on individual professions. At present there can be found more than 3 000 job units. Since February 2016 I have been working at the Czech Energy Company ČEZ, a. s., which is engaged in production, distribution, marketing and sale of electricity and heat, marketing and sale of gas and coal mining.

What is your current position and job description?
In Further Education Fund I had been working as professional teams coordinator, which means, that I cooperated with external experts from various sectors and together we worked out job descriptions and their requirements. At present at ČEZ Company I work as Human Resources Development Senior Specialist, I am responsible for conception and coordination of educational projects.

What recommendation could you give to prospective IEC students of study programme Guidance in vocational education?
I would recommend them to think over already during their study where they intend to aim their career, specifically what they want to do and then focus all tasks, essays, practice and bachelor thesis on this direction, as this will help them a lot to find an interesting employment.


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