Sára Drozdová

Bc. Sára Drozdová
(in 2014 graduated from IEC bachelor degree study in the field of study Guidance in vocational education, full-time form of study)

Why did you decide to study Guidance in vocational education at IEC CZU?
The graduate profile engaged my attention; I was also interested in application possibilities, content of study which aimed to the practice.

What was the benefit of this study for your professional life and use at the labour market? (Describe which competencies, knowledge and skills you have acquired)
I acquired presentation skills, knowledge gained from experience, ability to find relevant information and I became familiarized with the sources of information.

Can you briefly describe your present employer?
I work for the Association of Adult Education of the Czech Republic, which is the largest professional association in field of the adult education. It is a non-state, non-profit umbrella institution for about 200 organizations such as private educational organizations or schools. This association cooperates with state authorities and other entities in preparation and implementation of legislative and other measures in field of adult education.

What is your current position and job description?
I work as office manager and organisation employee. I am responsible for running the office and arranging all events we organize.

What recommendation could you give to prospective IEC students of study programme Guidance in vocational education?
Studying is an integral part of our lives; also practical experience is needed to succeed at the labour market.


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