Two-week summer school for IEC students in Norway

The Institute of Education and Communication has recently obtained a financial support from the EEA Grants for the organization of two 14-day summer schools in Norway and the Czech Republic. Both summer schools are going to be implemented within an international project “RESUME - RESPONSIBILITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND MOBILITY IN EDUCATION”.

The idea of submitting this project came from the shared motivation of two university workplaces to establish a cross-border learning community of university students and academic staff, where participants will try to implement philosophy and practice of a sustainable development and a social responsible behaviour into curricula and daily life of vocational education institutions in the Czech Republic and Norway.

The first mobility was planned to take place at the University of Life Sciences and the National Park Jotunheime" in September 2020, but unfortunately it has been moved due to problems caused by restrictions of pandemic COVID-19 to the summer semester 2021. The IEC received support to reimburse travel and subsistence costs for training in Norway for eight students of all study programmes. However, the internship is more suitable for students of the field of Pedagogy of Practical Training and Pedagogy of Vocational Subjects. Selected students will travel abroad together with two IEC academic staff. The new date of the internship has not been set yet. Students interested in such internship in Norway are advised to follow the Facebook profile and news on the IEC website from January 2021, where the exact date of the internship and the conditions of the selection procedure will be announced.

 You can find more about the project here:

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