EEA grants

Project “RESUME: Responsibility, Sustainability and Mobility in Education“
Programme: EEA grants
Project period: 2020–2021
Coordinator: Institute of Education and Communication, CZU Prague, Czech Republic
Partner: Department of Educational Sciences, University of Life Sciences, As, Norway

This project came from the shared motivation of Czech and Norwegian workplaces dealing with pedagogy and didactic, to establish cross-border learning community of university students and academic staff, where participants will try to implement philosophy and practice of sustainable development and social responsible behaviour into curricula and daily life of vocational education institutions in the Czech Republic and Norway.
The target group of the project are current university students of pedagogy study field, later they become teachers of vocational subjects within agricultural or other related sector. The second target group of the project are academic staff from Norwegian and Czech universities of life sciences. These teachers train future VET teachers (the first project target group) in didactics, social pedagogy, environmental and intercultural education. Their main role in the project will be preparing teaching materials for two international training courses, teaching and coaching future VET teachers at both courses and sharing or exchanging good practices in terms of approaches of social responsibility and sustainable development.
At each course, at least twenty future VET teachers and six academic staff from partner institutions will learn and work together. The main aim of the course is to conduct several team teaching units at vocational schools. Two intensive courses would bring a great opportunity for learners (future VET teachers):

  • to acquire innovative didactic methods and forms,
  • to gain new knowledge on educational system in hosting country,
  • to get familiar with examples of good practices in terms of sustainable and socially responsible approach in vocational education,
  • to develop didactic and pedagogic competences in an international environment,
  • to strengthen communication skills in English, social skills and other soft skills thanks to completing project tasks in international teams.


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