Summer school in the paradise

The Institute of Education and Communication CZU, in cooperation with the Czech NGO "School in Paradise", organise for selected Czech students a teaching practice at the "Lkp. English Rinjani Institute in Lombok Island (Indonesia).
The first internship took place from 8 May to 3 July 2018. The summer school focused on the community education as well as the study and the career counselling for students from disadvantaged Indonesian families. Outgoing IEC students of the bachelor study field "Guidance in Vocational Education" practised the teaching of English in three study groups of Indonesian students in the age of 12-20 years.
The two-month summer practice had a strong impact on the development of pedagogical, didactic and communicative competencies of outgoing IEC students and English language skills of Indonesian students. Due this activity, the social skills including tolerance towards different cultures were strengthened among all school participants.

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