Project Digitally Innovative – Unique ones – training of teachers in Portugal

In dates 13 - 17 March 2017, the Portuguese project partner "Universidade Sénior Rainha D. Elenor” hosted the fourth international meeting within the framework of the international project "KA2 -Digitally Innovative - Unique Ones". Two full time and three part time IEC staff teaching languages or communication skills at the U3A of the CZU took part in an interesting seminar on innovation in teaching languages. The participants from six European institutions dealing with education of seniors showed examples of the methods, which they use in their teaching. The microteaching lessons presented at the meeting mostly included elements of drama (inspiring perhaps in the method of Moreno's psychodramat) and didactic games.

It was extremely interesting to find out what could seniors´ education include. The above-mentioned university is an open workplace that offers seniors a variety of educational as well as sporting and artistic activities. The university has a well-equipped painting studio, a ceramic workshop and other classrooms, where seniors work with textiles and other natural materials. The seniors also can choose from other artistic activities, they can be members of a local choir, an orchestra or a creative drama group.

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