Our seniors´ stay at summer camp at Nové Mitrovice

During 14th to 18th August 2016 the applicants from the ranks of “our seniors“ - participants of programme „By educating to better quality of the seniors ‘life“ – and both coordinators the University of the Third Age - Ing. Kateřina Tomšíková and PhDr. Mgr. Marie Hanušová stayed at summer camp at Nové Mitrovice. The camp´s facilities were very plain– there were tents, latrines, water for washing from the pond and drinking water available from the well. Nevertheless all seniors coped with it and kept good humour throughout the stay.

The stay was in the spirit of Wild West conquest. Seniors formed settlements; each of them had its specific name, battle cry and motto. Although during conquest the seniors had to meet even the most demanding tasks, they showed great competitiveness. From the camp they took home not only great experience but also dried mushrooms that they picked in their free time. Great thanks to all enthusiasts who prepared and attended the camp and also to the weather that was favourable during the whole stay.

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