Methodical-didactic seminar – The teachers´ and guiance councellors´preparedness to work with youth

Like every year, also this year was held in the IEC premises professional methodical-didactic workshop. Its theme was: „The teachers ‘and Guidance councellors´preparedness to work with youth“. The seminar was designed for directors of the training schools, where students of teaching perform their practice, for coordinators of this practice, teachers and staff of institution for students in study programme Guidance in vocational education practical training as well as for IEC graduates in study programmes Pedagogy for teachers in vocational subjects or combined for of study of teaching.

Renowned experts from practice such as workers from pedagogical-psychological counselling centre for Prague 1,2 and 4, PhDr. Václav Holeček, Ph.D - the author of book „Psychology in teaching practice“ .,Head of the Educational Care Centre of the Educational institute at Pšov Bc. Sáva Arabadžiev, representatives of Euroguidance and Adra, who did not only present their activities, but they also offered secondary schools co-operation in many fields. In the afternoon there were held several workshops, where participants could practically try out many interesting techniques related to the topic. In the evening there was social meeting with live music.

On 22nd September could participants take part in excursion at the Vocational School for Gastronomy and Business in Prague.

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