Job Fair in the University Campus

Dozens of companies have introduced themselves as potential future employers for CZU students. Traditional JOB FAIR was held at the CZU campus on 23 February 2017 and it included four synergistic actions.
The Job fair, whose turnout is growing every year, is linked to the traditional fair organised of the Faculty of the Economics and Management.
In the first part of the programme, organizations involved in counselling and vocational training presented, themselves in short blocks (e.g. department of the Euroguidance of the Centre for International Cooperation in Education, the Coaching Centre, the Counselling Centre of Unilink, H.R. department of the IBM or the traditional Czech firm Lasvit, etc.)
In the second part of the programme, representatives of these companies answered the questions of students. Discussions took place at information "kiosks" and the most common topic of questions were offer of counselling programmes, requirements for future employees and internships opportunities at the companies.
The main objective of the fair is to provide IEC and other students of CZU practical information for better and quicker orientation in the labour market and facilitate the search for future employment opportunities.

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