Intensive Course – Didactic and presentation skills for CZU Ph.D. students

The Institute of Education and Communication has been annually organising a course for the Ph.D. students of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences since year 2005. In this academic year, the course was carried out in four-day modules in days 6 – 7 November, 20 – 21 November, 27 – 28 November and 4 - 5 December 2017. Ten IEC academic staff and two IEC technical staff participated in the implementation of the course programme.
The main aim of the course was to introduce the principles of the education, to train students in delivering a quality presentation of research results and to develop their skills of verbal and nonverbal communication. An important part was training didactic and presentation skills of learners by the method “microteaching”. Due to growing number of participants from foreign universities, this course was implemented also in English language.

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