Course of Development of Pedagogical Competences

How to engage and motivate students more and how to achieve higher interaction between a teacher and a student? Which ICT tools and mobile applications are suitable for enriching university teaching? How to conduct an online teaching as effectively as possible and how to achieve higher activity of listeners during online lessons on MS Teams? What techniques can be used to avoid teacher/trainer burnout syndrome?

On these questions were focused the participants (CZU academic staff) of the „Course of Development of Pedagogical Competences“. The course has been run within the project ESF MOST "Modernization of Studies and Study Programmes, Quality and Counselling at the CZU Prague” since 2017 in four rounds. The last contact seminar took place at the IEC from 16 to 17 September 2020.

Participants evaluated the program very positively, a lecture on the topic "Educational goals",  a lecture on group and cooperative teaching methods and a four-hour workshop "ICT in Education" were evaluated as the most beneficial for them.

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